Terms of use for attorneys

A potential client is a person who/which contacted members of the Bar Association registered on the Legico platform using the legico.eu request form.

Members of the Bar Association who wish to provide proposals for legal services and to persons seeking legal services must comply with the following rules and regulations and general requirements:

  1. To conclude legal services, representation and other contracts and authorizations for the provision of services with the Potential client, as well as to act in accordance with the ethics and other professional requirements of the Advocacy;
  2. Use the personal data provided in the request only to provide a response through the Legico platform and to provide legal services;
  3. Not to use the Potential Customer’s data for direct marketing purposes, except for submitting an offer through the Legico platform and for further communication related to the submitted request. If found to be sending direct marketing, a member of the legal profession may be terminated from the platform and any money paid for the membership will not be refunded.
  4. Delete any information that is no longer relevant related to the Potential Client’s request from the information systems no later than required by the legal acts protecting personal data and the GDPR.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected]