Terms of use for users

In order to receive an initial consultation/offer of legal services, you must fill out the form on the Legico website, the content of which will reach the members of the Lithuanian or foreign law firm registered in the Legico system. Upon receipt of your inquiry, members of the Bar will provide their initial consultation and offer legal services if the area to which the inquiry relates is relevant to the member’s specialization and interests.

The platform administration does not guarantee that you will receive an initial consultation/proposal for the provision of legal services if your request seems unreliable, too uninformative and inappropriate to any member of the Bar Association registered on the platform by specialization. Neither Legico, nor its registered Bar association members guarantee that lawyers will be interested in and respond to your request, so we recommend that you submit your requests as detailed as possible.

Legico does not in any way collect or store information related to requests made on the Legico platform for more than 1 year.

Individuals – Potential clients (individuals who have contacted members of the Lithuanian Bar Association registered on the Legico platform using the Legico request form) – by filling out the form on the Legico website, provide information at their own risk and responsibility, and also undertake to protect the personal data of other persons unrelated to the request, in accordance with applicable laws.

Any inquiries related to the protection of personal data can be submitted by e-mail. by e-mail [email protected]

A person submitting an inquiry through Legico platform can be sure to receive information/consultation/proposal for the provision of legal services related to the submitted inquiry and no additional information (direct marketing) from members of the bar associations registered on the platform. In any case where the Potential Client receives further repetitive information about the activities of a member of the Bar that is not related to the request, the administration of Legico undertakes to remove such a member of the Bar from the Legico platform within 3 working days from the date of confirmation of the Potential Client’s notification of such a case.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected]

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